Being empowered to design and produce your own lens designs gives you the flexibility to uniquely meet the needs of your customers and to differentiate your business in the market. ZEISS can provide the training and interactive tools to assist you in designing your own range of freeform lenses.

Use our expertise to create your very own custom lens design portfolio…

Utilising ZEISS patented* technologies, we work with you create a custom lens design portfolio. Using an extensive portfolio of existing lens designs, you can vary the customisation and calculation parameters, or we can assist with designing a completely bespoke freeform lens designs. A team of ZEISS experts, including our leading lens designers, will work with you to create a custom and dedicated solution, specific to your needs and requirements. * United States Patent # 6,089,713

Customising a Lens Design of Your Own

  • Drawing on extensive experience within precision optics and vision research, ZEISS can work with you to create an exclusive design portfolio. Using ZEISS proprietary technology and design tools, the Morphing Engine, Modular Customisation and Calculation Interface allows any type of lens design (Progressive, Single Vision, Office, Wrap, Specialty) to be configured with any combination of design features for different performance and price options.
          • Morphing Engine
                  • The power of the morphing approach is the ability to independently vary each individual lens design parameter or combination of parameters in predefined ways. This continuous variation of parameters such as corridor length, distance zone width, near zone width, inset, object distances and periphery delivers expansive design flexibility to meet every portfolio need.
          • Modular Customisation
                  • The modular approach to customisation allows maximum flexibility to turn features on or off at will. Parameters such as Rx optical optimisation, position of wear, frame customisation and other individual parameter customisation can be configured according to product portfolio needs - ensuring full performance and price coverage.
          • Calculation Interface
                  • The calculation interface integrates the lens design, modular customisation for each individual prescription, and individual wearer parameters to calculate the optimised lens design and cosmetic appearance.