Prescription laboratory start-up, expansion or refurbishment requires considerable planning to ensure the optimal result is achieved. Expert guidance and project management from ZEISS can assist with project planning, facility layouts and equipment selection.

Use our expertise to engineer an optimal laboratory solution…

ZEISS has the ability to cover all phases of the project life cycle from initial concept, through master planning and detailed design, to construction management and facility commissioning and qualification. Our dedicated teams of professionals are highly qualified individuals who drive best practice standards, having completed major projects and significant development plans for the ZEISS Company and customers across the globe.

To help you reach the next stage of success, the ZEISS Engineering Consultancy service can help define and deliver your next project. Areas where ZEISS can bring proven experience are:

          • Project management services
          • Conceptual design
          • Detailed equipment layouts
          • Lab layouts
          • Equipment capacity sizing
          • Room specifications
          • Process specifications
          • Labour costing, volumetric analysis, workflow analysis
          • Warehouse design
          • Work instructions
          • Process control
          • Training packages
          • On site supervision
          • Equipment acceptance testing/Commissioning
          • Product/process Qualifications

How Does it Work?

  • We tailor an engineering solution to your specific needs, encompassing all aspects or a portion of the project scope – the choice is yours.
  • Working from many countries, we augment local expertise with the best technology and brightest talent the company has to offer. Our global networks of technical experts work to ensure you receive the best, most economical project solution.

What are the Benefits?

  • Knowledge built from experience throughout a global network of laboratories, across all aspects of optics, enables ZEISS to continue to be at the forefront of innovation and deliver the latest methodologies to your business. Bringing world class, multi-sector optical experience to every new project allows ZEISS to clearly understand your goals and deliver optimal results.

As an industry leader, we provide design excellence and specialist engineering solutions within optical laboratories ensuring you are delivered the best solutions available.