Keeping your equipment calibrated and serviced is vital to ensure a reliable operation and output. Scheduled maintenance of equipment, functionality checks, and component rebuilds can be provided by ZEISS Technicians across different equipment platforms in the areas of surfacing, hard coating and AR coating.

Is your lab equipment running at peak performance?

At ZEISS, we manage equipment performance through rigorous scheduled servicing programs which minimizes equipment down-time and ensure that labs run as efficiently as possible.

We have considerable expertise in servicing and maintaining many different types and versions of freeform, hard and AR coating equipment and we are now offering Equipment Servicing to partner labs as an annual agreement.

How Does it Work?

  • For an annual contract fee (invoiced monthly), our expert team will visit your lab and perform annual preventative maintenance servicing on your key production equipment. This can include:
          • Freeform generators and polishers
          • Freeform engravers
          • Hard coating equipment
          • AR Coating equipment
  • In addition, you will have access to the same team of experts for remote support throughout the year, to ensure that you can resolve any problems that arise.

What are the Benefits?

  • This service will result in fundamental improvements to your Rx Lab production. Key benefits that have been seen are:
          • Much reduced equipment down-time
          • Improved through-put and yields
          • Improved On-Time-Delivery to customers
          • Increased equipment lifetime

And, if you link this service with our Process Support Agreement, you will also have the benefit of having the one point of contact for all your issues. ZEISS will be there to efficiently and effectively resolve all your processing and equipment problems in an unbiased manner, ensuring that your production is up and running to the highest quality as quickly as possible.