Efficient and stable laboratory processes are critical to a smooth and successful operation. ZEISS Technicians are available to conduct process audits for freeform, hard coating, AR coating and other processes in your laboratory. A report with recommendations for improvement is provided after the audit. An option to develop and project manage a technology roadmap is also on offer.

Do you really know the status of your Lab and it’s processes? ZEISS can quantify this for you.

Auditing can uncover many hidden areas of sub-optimal performance, process waste and operator inefficiency. Your laboratory processes, be it order entry, job picking, blocking, surfacing, engraving, hard-coating, AR coating, tinting or fitting may be functional - but we know that there is always much that can be improved, leading to significant efficiency gains.

How Does it Work?

  • A ZEISS Auditor will perform a systematic and detailed review of your entire operation. The Auditor will observe your operations, will take measurements and will interact with your management and your shop-floor staff to gain a comprehensive understanding of what you do, and how you do it.
          • Following this, we will present a formal report of the status of your Operations, which will include commentary on each process and how it compares to "best practice".
          • Also included will be a series of key recommendations of where improvements can be made, along with an indicator of the significance of this.
          • Once you have read the report, we will follow up with a teleconference with you to discuss the recommendations, and build a plan around the next implementation steps.

What are the Benefits?

  • This service will result in fundamental improvements to your Rx Lab production. Key benefits that have been seen are:
          • Improved Lab environment, resulting in less defective lenses
          • Improved equipment utilization and reduced maintenance requirements
          • Improved utilization of raw materials
          • More knowledgeable operators, thus reducing costly errors

Following the successful improvement of your Lab Processes, we recommend to continue the journey with additional ZEISS services, including Operator Training and Operations Excellence.