Continuous Improvement will drive overall lab performance through greater efficiencies, profitability and customer satisfaction. Operations Excellence is achieved through incremental improvement in all aspects of your business. ZEISS Experts conduct practical, on-site training modules giving your staff the knowledge and tools for sustainable improvement. We can work with you to build your own continuous improvement plan.

Use our expertise at ZEISS to improve your Rx Lab output.

ZEISS have developed a series of Operations Excellence modules which are simply structured, easy to understand and relevant to the Ophthalmic Lens Industry. All workshops are delivered by skilled ZEISS engineers and technicians that have actually implemented these tools and techniques in ZEISS Rx Labs around the world.

How Does it Work?

  • ZEISS have packaged together learning tools into three key modules, starting with the fundamentals, and then move into more sophisticated capabilities ensuring that your staff can make a difference to your business from day one;
          • Quality Tools: Begin the process by introducing the ideas of systematic data gathering with practical tools.
          • Standardization: Build on the practical tools from Module 1 and introduce the concepts of standardization.
          • Excellence: Introducing techniques to bring sustainable improvements to your business.

What are the Benefits?

  • This service strikes at the heart of all Rx Lab problems – how to ensure high quality production, improved yields and low downtime, as well as a systematic way of solving problems. Key benefits that have been seen are:
          • Improved yields – what does each 1% of yield loss cost you?
          • Waste reduction
          • Reduced downtime, thus better volume throughput
          • Higher skilled and higher motivated staff, equipped with the tools of improvement
          • The implementation of a "Continuous Improvement" culture