It is vital to invest in developing knowledgeable operators to ensure that lens manufacturing and fitting activities are undertaken optimally, and to ensure that they understand the equipment they operate. ZEISS can provide you with the practical training for your operators, across all processes and equipment.

Well trained operators are key to the success of your Rx Lab. ZEISS can support your success.

ZEISS has vast experience in providing practical training for operators, not just within our own Rx Labs globally, but within many partner labs also. Knowledgeable and confident operators will know how to set-up, run and maintain each piece of equipment and each process within the overall manufacturing process.

How Does it Work?

  • Operator Training focuses on the practical elements of training your lab operators to improve effectiveness and performance, and provide fundamental strengthening of your team and processes.
  • ZEISS tailors an on-site training course across all processes and equipment within your Rx Lab to cover the following elements:
          • Optimum operation of each piece of equipment in the following processes: blocking, surfacing, hard coating, AR coating, tinting and fitting
          • Key questions are answered…
                  • What are the right chemicals to use and how should these be managed and maintained?
                  • What are the right equipment settings to use, and why?
                  • What is preventative maintenance and how can it be implemented?
          • Introduction to some diagnostic tools...
                  • Atmospheric quality
                  • Air flow measurement
                  • Conductivity meters
                  • Portable microscopes, and Time domain metrics

What are the Benefits?

  • This service will result in fundamental improvements to your Rx Lab production. Key benefits that have been seen are:
          • Improved throughput of products
          • Reduced equipment downtime
          • Improved utilization of raw materials
          • More knowledgeable operators, thus reducing costly errors

Following the successful improvement of your Lab Operators, we recommend to continue the journey with additional ZEISS services, including Operations Excellence.