The quality of lenses you produce has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. ZEISS offers comprehensive product testing to ensure your laboratory is replicating lens quality, designs and coatings flawlessly.

Use our expertise and facilities to test your lens and coating products…

ZEISS’ world class network of global testing facilities across multiple regions provide a comprehensive suite of testing procedures, together with a range of global expertise and experience that is used in developing our own world-leading products and processes.

ZEISS has an extensive range of in-house testing capabilities which have been packaged depending on the scope and process activity. The testing procedures for each process activity package are fixed for your clarity and convenience, ensuring your products are thoroughly tested against all quality aspects and analysed within scope;

  • Process Monitoring / Audit
          • Surfacing
          • Hard Coating (resin and equipment)
          • AR Coating (stack and equipment)
    • Troubleshooting
            • Surfacing
            • Hard Coating
            • AR Coating
    • Release of Processes
            • Final Release After Process Implementation

    World renowned for our focus on quality and excellence, ZEISS continuously invests in the latest quality testing equipment and development of dedicated employees to deliver the ultimate in lens precision.